The New Case for Gold

The New Case for Gold, by Jim Rickards

Since 2013, Physical Gold Fund has hosted a monthly podcast with Jim Rickards, New York Times bestselling author of Currency Wars and The Death of Money.

The New Case for Gold—the author’s latest book—is based on these podcasts.

The New Case for Gold

In his latest book, Jim Rickards positions physical gold as essential insurance in a world where paper markets are vulnerable to currency upheavals, systemic failure and digital crime.

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Jim Rickards

Meet the acclaimed author of Currency Wars, The Death of Money and now… The New Case for Gold.

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Physical Gold Fund enables investors to own shares that are 100% backed by allocated physical gold, vaulted outside the banking system, with the right to redeem in either cash or gold.

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The Book

the-new-case-for-goldThere’s a new case for making gold an essential component of your portfolio.

This is it.

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In The New Case for Gold Jim Rickards bring fresh insights to a contentious topic. Here’s the perspective of a masterful analyst of the global monetary scene — not a “gold bug” or doomsday prophet, but a clear-eyed observer of realpolitik and market complexities.

The conclusion of this book is simple enough: own at least 10% of your investible assets in allocated physical gold— not as an investment, but as insurance for your investments. What makes for compelling reading is the wealth of fresh information and insights that lead to that conclusion.

When you read Jim Rickards’ latest book, you will see gold in a new way. More importantly, you will understand the world situation in a new way, and that will enormously strengthen your financial decision-making.

What You Will Learn from the New Case for Gold

  • Popular myths and misconceptions about gold
  • Why central bankers take gold seriously—even when they pretend not to
  • Why gold is not an investment or a commodity
  • Gold’s function as an enduring store of wealth
  • What really drives the price of gold
  • Why paper gold isn’t worth the paper it’s written on
  • How to insure your portfolio against systemic failures
  • What didn’t change after 2008 and why you should be worried
  • How new threats put your all-digital portfolio at risk of destruction
  • Why gold is flowing from west to east
  • The future of gold when the monetary system collapses
  • Why you may not be able to buy gold when the price rises
  • How to purchase gold correctly—and how much

To be published by Portfolio / Penguin Random House on April 5th. Preorder from your favorite bookseller.


The Podcasts

Once a month, Jim Rickards takes on the world of finance, economics and geopolitics.

Jim Rickards - Podcast

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Jim Rickards is hugely sought after by the business media, and he gives frequent interviews on high-profile channels like Bloomberg, Fox Business News and CNN.


The Gold Chronicles is different. This hour-long monthly podcast allows one of America’s leading financial thinkers to explore the global situation in depth. As a systemic analyst, Jim Rickards has a unique ability to track the interplay of vastly dispersed forces, from Abenomics to Putin’s hackers, from the IMF’s little known currency to the rise of the bail-in, and from the fragility of the dollar to China’s secret gold stash.

The lively question and answer format of the podcasts keeps a growing live audience engaged, with some of the most challenging issues raised by listeners themselves.

Wise investors look beyond particular assets and markets, to understand the global context in which their wealth must be protected. There is no better way to grasp that context than to follow the Gold Chronicles every month with Jim Rickards.

A Sample of Topics Covered

  • Cyberwarfare today
  • The best Federal Reserve forecast available
  • Complexity models vs. linear thinking
  • The “Impossible Trinity” and China’s dilemma
  • Liquidity crisis in the bond markets
  • “Efficient markets” and other junk economics
  • Oil prices and the fracking industry
  • The unnoticed importance of SDRs
  • Gold price drivers and fundamentals
  • Bail-ins—coming to a bank near you

Physical Gold Fund

Savvy investors understand the true function of gold—as insurance for their portfolios of digital and financial assets. They understand that in the event of a liquidity crisis, while conventional financial assets may fail, gold remains liquid and resistant to counter-party risk. Rigorous analysts like Jim Rickards see that gold can protect a portfolio during both inflation and deflation.

Gold is not a commodity. It is not an investment. Gold is money—and it arguably provides the most secure store of wealth on the planet, especially in times of turmoil.

The Challenge

Gold only provides effective insurance when it is owned:

  • In physical form
  • Vaulted outside the banking system
  • With minimum counter-party risk
  • With access to liquidity

This becomes increasingly difficult with banks and financial institutions at growing risk of failure.

The Answer

Physical Gold Fund is unique in the way it enables investors to own gold. Just some of the advantages include:

  • Private (non-bank) institutional “Good Delivery” vaulting
  • Direct relationships with the top Swiss “Good Delivery” refineries to ensure supply and liquidity
  • Fund shares are redeemable for cash or for physical gold
  • All assets insured to full market value at all points of acquisition, transport, vaulting and sale
  • Unique protection against confiscation of precious metals by a government entity

Physical Gold Fund SP is listed on the Cayman Stock Exchange (CSX), and clears through Euroclear and Fundsettle, as well as world leading custodial platforms such as Pershing.

How to Participate

Physical Gold Fund serves both individual and institutional investors throughout the world, outside the United States. To learn more, please visit our website.

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Jim Rickards

Jim Rickards

Jim Rickards is one of the world’s most original analysts of the global monetary system. He’s a portfolio manager for West Shore Group, the former general counsel of Long Term Capital Management, and a consultant to the US intelligence community and to the Department of Defense. He served as financial facilitator of the first financial war games ever conducted by the Pentagon.

Jim Rickards is also an Advisory Board Member of Physical Gold Fund.

For more information about Jim Rickards please visit

Jim Rickards’ Books

Currency Wars

Currency Wars

This remarkable book became an instant New York Times bestseller, because it unveils the destructive ferocity of a little-understood financial phenomenon: the currency wars.

Jim Rickards explains the history, present-day reality and future outcome of these beggar-thy-neighbor conflicts. He also provides astute defensive strategies for the individual investor.

The Death of Money

The Death of Money

The international monetary system has collapsed three times in the past 100 years. But the next collapse will resemble nothing in history.

In this New York Times bestseller, Jim Rickards explains the forces leading to the coming monetary crisis, the most likely scenarios, and the best strategies for protecting wealth.

The New Case for Gold

The New Case for Gold

In his latest book, Jim Rickards demolishes a series of popular myths about gold—many propagated by respected financial authorities.

He reveals the true importance of gold in today’s monetary system, and its essential role for investors as insurance against systemic risk.
Publication date: April, 2016.

Quotes from Jim Rickards

“In our time, the aureate has become brazen—the golden has become brass. A return to true value based on trust is long overdue.”

“It may be too late to save the dollar, but it is not too late to preserve wealth. We live in an ersatz monetary system that has reached its end stage.”

“So the dollar is money, money is value, value is trust, trust is a contract, and the contract is debt.”

“The gross size of all bank derivatives positions now exceeds $650 trillion, more than nine times global GDP.”

“Workers receive raises in nominal terms, while wages adjust downward in real terms. This is a form of money illusion or deception of workers by central banks, but it works in theory to lower real unit labor costs.”

“When it comes to betting on a sure thing, greed trumps common sense and makes the bet irresistible.”

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